Tuesday, 31 October 2017


Just lately I have found myself drawn to bright, joyful colours. I just really feel affected by them at the moment - in a good way!

It could be the colder temperatures and the winter months (drawing ever closer) that's making me love the brighter tones.
Does this happen to you in the darker months? A sudden urge for cheerful colour inspiration?

I have been creating some mood boards for my new confetti line and can't wait to start mixing some of these bright happy colours up! 

Rosey x 

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Saturday, 28 October 2017


My niece loves her boiled eggs and soldiers and it's tradition for her to have them with me whenever she stays over. 

When I moved to London I had to seriously downsize - included getting rid of yes, even the egg cups. Now I am back in my old house, I hadn't gotten around to replacing them so mild panic set in when the eggs were ready but no egg cups!

Luckily my niece is a bright young thing and said 'why not use the egg box' - genius! 

Not a long term solution (obviously) but it did the trick so we didn't have to miss out on our favourite breakfast. 
10 year olds have the best ideas!